April Eladnehsa
April's usual look.


Ultrix of Mirage


Purple Diamonds


Chaotic Neutral


Alterer Psychic


5'9"/132 lbs

Unlike her parents, Kurt Eladnehsa and Sarah Eladnehsa who are both Shirespawn, April is an Ultrix of Mirage who still seems to hold a notable bit of Shirespawn in her, often confusing people who see her. April is the first female Eladnehsa by blood, and is currently the youngest member of the family at age 19. Following Mirage in his love of pranks, April is very popular girl and a bit of a tomboy. She had a close relationship with her cousin Drahcir before the incident in which her aunt and uncle were murdered by the very same Drahcir. As such, she has recently grown depressed, fearing for her future in the world and about the whereabouts of her relatives. She lives with her parents in Springdrop.

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