Sketch of Artificial


Roughly 10 feet with legs fully extended


1 year on average

Notable Members

Project C.O.U.L.

Unique Attributes

Strongest race but with weakest immune system

Available Formes

Ascended, Dark Ascended, Powered Up

Artificials are genetically modified lifeforms created solely by humans and other artificials. They live as humans would but are completely different from them. They are considered a perfect organism, their only flaw being a very short lifespan. They are very strong and intelligent beings, as well as the only sophisticated race that naturally grows a tail.

Base StatsEdit

WISDOM: 10   


Every individual Artificial has a different origin, but their kind was started with human scientists seeking to create some kind of a perfect lifeform. As such they all have "ideal" traits.


Artificials are either born from their creation tank at full maturity or are born after sexual reproduction between a male and female. If the Artificial is tankborn, he or she will have the 1 year lifespan start when they exit their tank for the first time. If the Artificial is born as a baby, they will reach maturity at 1 year old, THEN begin the 1 lifespan after maturity is reached. Artificial parents will usually debate about the benefits of being a wombborn or a tankborn. On one side, the Artificial knows the rough estimate of when it will die and skips past childhood. On the other side, the Artificial wont know the estimate of their death date due to not knowing exactly when maturity stops, but they have a childhood and live slightly longer. A cure to their incredibly short lifespan is being researched and it is considered one of the highest priorities of the Aerion people. They also have two belly buttons.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

  • “Understand my Pain”- implodes the brain of an opponent with intelligence lower than 10.
  • “Understand my Cause”- controls the mind of anything with a lower intelligence for the amount of points difference as turns. (e.g.: Artificial has 14 intelligence, Opponent has 9 intelligence. Artificial can control Opponent for 5 turns)
  • Tail Swing- Can swing tail for 1D8 in addition to turn
  • Knows English, Binary, and Shiric


  • +2 Decipher Script, Listen, Jump, Spellcraft
  • +1 Swim, Move Silently, Knowledge-Worlds Knowledge-Tech, Knowledge-Local
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