Dimension 6


Approximately 13.7 billion years

Also Known As

"The Other World"




Mirror Universe

Most Intelligent Species Known





  • Came into the Multiverse at the same time as Dimension 3, and as such is the opposite world to it. It is identical to the "The Real World", except everything is opposite, as any Mirror Universe is.
  • As a Mirror Universe, nothing from Dimension 3 should be able to access it due to the laws of Omniversial Magic.
  • This law was broken by the Heroes of Legend, who were transported there by portals opening on Dimension 3's Earth.
  • These Universe is no longer an exact mirror to Dimension 3, however. The reason for this is Firefly destroyed the Earth of Dimension 6, but Dimension 3's Earth is still there.
  • Much later, the DROX surfaced here and took over. This led to the DROX Crisis, which Tye and Flare eventually managed to stop

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