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Hundreds of years before the Zorlan Crisis, there were two traveling merchants. One day, a monster shrowded in shadow attacked the two while they were travelling through a dark forest. The older merchant took up arms against the beast and told his friend to run. However, the older merchant's efforts were in vain. After killing the older merchant, the monster gave chase to the young merchant. Unfortunately, the young merchant stood no chance, and the beast quickly hunted him down. However, when it caught him, instead of killing him, the monster infected the young merchant with a sort of dark magic. The magic turned his skin into a pale, ghostly white, and his veins went black. When he woke, the beast was gone, but he was forever changed. Determined to find the beast that murdered his friend and caused this change, the young one searched for hundreds of years. He later befriended Tye, who was currently under the control of Zorlan. The Zorlan Crisis followed.

The Birth of DezroEdit

Doom later discovered that the beast was an embodiment of Zorlan himself. Filled with rage, Doom launched himself towards Zorlan, attempting to corrupt him. However, when Doom corrupted him, he involuntarily fused with Zorlan, creating a being known as Dezro the Corrupted. Although there were two minds now in one body, Zorlan kept in control, essentially making him more powerful.

The Death of DoomEdit

After being freed of his bonds with Zorlan by Flare going Dark Ascended and defeating Dezro, Doom had been drained of life. After living for such a long time, and with no power to sustain him, he died nearly instantly.


  • corruption of living things and objects
  • possession
  • nightmares
  • levitation

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