The Fate Gems are mystical gemstones which each contain a special power. If one manages to obtain all of them, it is said they can access their Perfect Forme or even begin to understand all the Omniverse's mysteries. Each gem, when used on its own, can activate a special spell normally only used by the Ultimate it represents.

The GemsEdit


  • Owned by Firefly
  • Apocalypse Beam: 2D20 2D12 of Light Damage


  • Owned by Zorlan
  • Corrupter Blast: 2D20 2D12 of Darkness Damage


  • Owned by Legacy
  • Phoenix Inferno: Summons Phoenix that can deal 3D12 of damage a turn


  • Owned by Eon
  • Elemental Fury: 3D20 of Fire, Water, and Lightning Damage


  • Owned by Toxeira
  • Acid Rain: 1D12+4 poison damage per turn


  • Owned by Mirage
  • Transformation: Allows user to transform into anything living


  • Owned by Extro
  • Interdimensional Rip: 12D6 of damage to enemy, 1D12 damage to self

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