Ilo and Damia



Hair Colour


Eye Colour



8x10 inches


Mystical Item




Ancient Beings


None, Ilo sounds male, Damia female


It is unknown where exactly the book came from, but it was a very important tool in the battle against all of the ones with dark intent during the many Crisis Events. Gigarez gifted it to Andrew shortly after his arrival in Dimension 6. When Andrew went berserk with power after the defeat of Armaged, it was enveloped in a black aura. After being calmed down out of his power hungry rage, it glowed a white light. Ever since then, certain individuals have been able to hear two voices emanating out of it, who claim to be a man named Ilo and a woman named Damia. Ilo is soft spoken and kind, whereas Damia is often insulting and rude. Quite often they will talk in unison, showing balance in their speech patterns. Shadias has claimed that he met Ilo and Damia while at the edge of the timestream, but of course there is no way to prove this, as Ilo and Damia are only heard by certain individuals. According to those individuals, however, Shadias speaks the truth.


  • Sentient
  • Speech
  • when written or drawn in, the object made becomes real
  • Predicting future events

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